Where are you going in life?

“There are hundreds of paths up the mountain, all leading to the same place, so it doesn’t matter which path you take. The only person wasting time is the one who runs around the mountain, telling everyone that his or her path is wrong.” – Hindu proverb

We’re all trying to find our way through life. We want things – to be happier, healthier, more at peace. Even if we’re content with our life, we have goals. So how do we get from here to there? Sometimes our journey takes us on a well-worn path and sometimes we're off on our, trying to make our way in the wilderness of life.


We're often seeking transcendent qualities: love, fulfillment, peace, joy. These desires come from the very core of our being, as if our soul cries out for them. Spiritual Geography presumes we each have an internal navigation system connected to the Infinite Intelligence, whether you name that Infinite Intelligence God, Spirit, Source, or the Universe. Learning to work with this internal system allows us to create and explore from a space of trust, confident there is a path forward, a path that will surprise and delight us in its variety and complexity, co-creating our future with the Infinite Intelligence.


So we can all find our way ... body, mind, and spirit.






"Joni is an incredibly loving and absolutely trustworthy guide through known and unknown spiritual territory. As a seeker with an ever-evolving relationship with a Higher Power, I came into the session with a backpack full of questions and left with one full of answers, larger questions, and touchstones to take on the next leg of my journey.  When it’s time for another expedition, I will consult Joni in a heartbeat." - S.G. Silver Spring, Maryland


“I have been extremely fortunate to attend the workshop “Why the Truth Doesn’t Matter” and a weekend spiritual retreat facilitated by Joni. Her expertise in areas that are vital in our troubled political climate can be applied in many situations and with a variety of groups. Joni’s delivery is wonderful – knowledgeable yet inclusive and down to earth. I heartily recommend her.” – CWC, Rockville, MD


“Thank you so much. Very insightful and well done!” – Anonymous, Rockville, MD


"As a counselor and counselor-educator with over twenty years of experience, I appreciate the hands-on format of Dr. Joni Miller's workshops. She provides an emotionally -safe environment to examine values and the role of values in our interactions  with clients and with one another. Evidenced-based, the findings for learners are not only illuminating but, in some cases, life-enhancing. A must for all counselors and counselors-in-training!"  ~ Dr. Cheryl Fisher, PhD NCC LCPC ACS


“Very valuable workshop that created a space for me to think about ideas in a different way.” – Anonymous, Rockville, MD


“I am not a ‘natural’ for your program, as I am truly an introvert and don’t enjoy telling my ‘story,’ since I’ve never been able to figure out what it might be. However, the session of creating a spiritual timeline was very meaningful to me – I had never done anything like that before. After a period of a year or so of feeling ‘stuck’ in my spiritual seeking, I had an insight on Monday which feels like it’s pointing me in the next direction, the right direction. It has created a great feeling of peace and I am happy to give you (almost) all the credit.” – Anonymous, Rockville, MD




Finding Your Way - Body, Mind, and Spirit

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