Spiritual Geography One-on-One Session

See yourself & your spiritual journey in a new and inspiring way

Exploring your Spiritual Geography is like finding a trail map for your personal spiritual mountain. You can see where you've come from, how far you've come and over what terrain. You'll explore your "You Are Here" marker in detail, looking at what spiritual values and aspects of your spirituality are important to you right now. Then you decide where you want to travel next.


By exploring your personal Spiritual Geography you discover how to use your spirituality to make decisions more aligned with who you are. You'll find ways to feed your soul and deepen your connection to the Divine, increasing your inner peace and contentment. The life journey exercise we do in session will help you see the turning points in your life, finding your most important life lessons and moments. This increased self-awareness strengthens your ability to be resilient through periods of change or adversity. 


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"I came into the session with a backpack full of questions and left with one full of answers."

A Spiritual Geography One-on-One session is useful when you're at a crossroads, or when you want to understand your spirituality and your life journey better.  Your sense of purpose increases and your compassion for others -- and for yourself -- expands.


What you get out of it depends greatly on what you put into it. Prior to the session, I'll ask you to spend time thinking about your life journey, maybe jotting down some key events or journaling about things that come up as you remember your past. 


This Spiritual Geography session will help you uncover both your understanding and your experience of that which is Transcendent. The values you will explore are not about doctrine of various religions or specific beliefs, but things that many religions and spiritual understandings have in common, things like prayer, pilgrimage, purification, ritual, evangelism, compassion, peace, etc. We can explore our personal Spiritual Geography by examining which spiritual and religious values resonate with us and which ones we reject. What matters isn't merely what we believe, but also what we don't believe. Our Spiritual Geography includes where we are, the direction we want to head, and the paths from which we turn away.

"I was surprised at how discerning the process was!"

Benefits & Outcomes

  • You will have a sacred and safe space where you are free to discuss your thoughts in a non-judgmental environment.
  • You will understand your spirituality and your life journey at a deeper level.
  • You see the turning points in your life, finding your most important life lessons and moments. 
  • You will see what spiritual activities you lean on for support, what spiritual values you are living out, and what values you aspire to.

Spiritual Geography One-on-One Session

90 minute session via Zoom. Only available for United States clients. 


For non-U.S. purchasers, please contact me at Joni@SpiritualGeography.net to discuss the alternative approaches we could take to accommodate. 


  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days

"Seeing where I've been gave me insights into what's next."

Frequently Asked Questions


What does a Spiritual Geography 1-on-1 Session look like?

There are three components - that roughly correspond to past, present, and future. We'll do 2 thought-provoking exercises -- a life journey exercise (past) and the Spiritual Geography value card sort  (present) -- and then have a discussion about where you are and where you want to do and be next. (future) 


We'll start with you telling me about your spiritual life journey, your pre-session homework. The highs and lows, dark nights of the soul and times of transcendence have brought you to where you are now. Talking this through with someone can be healing and insightful.


Then we'll transition to the Spiritual Geography values card sort. This is a thought-provoking exercise and can be difficult. There are no "wrong" or "right" answers, although you may feel in conflict with what you believe your family, friends, or religious community value. Knowledge is power, so being aware of that tension can allow you to work toward resolution and growth. You'll be able to see how your spiritual values may have evolved over your lifetime, and look at which values you aspire to but may not be living as yet.


Finally, we will talk through the past and the present to extract the themes in your life and find the values, themes, and practices you wish to take forward with you in your next chapter.  


What happens when I make a payment?

Upon payment, you will get a Spiritual Geography Card Deck© and pre-session instructions mailed to you within 2 days. The Spiritual Geography Card Deck© contains 47 cards with spiritual and/or religious values, and contains everything you will need to do the values card sort within our session. A link to schedule our session will be sent via email.  


Is what I tell you confidential?


You can be assured of two very important things: everything you tell me will be held in confidence and there is no judgment about your story or your spiritual beliefs. I am a visitor to your spirituality and I consider it a great privilege to hear and experience your journey. 

"Your insights and perceptions were so encouraging."

Testimonials for the Spiritual Geography One-on-One Session:  


 "Joni’s excellent method to self-understanding is clear, concise, and empowering. The tool she has created is the product of years of study and experience with a wide range of people both in groups and individually. She helps people to feel safe sharing through a non-judgemental approach to questioning that is intelligent and compassionate. In this way, she is able to address the whole person, emotionally and spiritually. Highly recommend!" - Tina M. Baltimore, Maryland


"Joni is an incredibly loving and absolutely trustworthy guide through known and unknown spiritual territory. As a seeker with an ever-evolving relationship with a Higher Power, I came into the session with a backpack full of questions and left with one full of answers, larger questions, and touchstones to take on the next leg of my journey.  When it’s time for another expedition, I will consult Joni in a heartbeat." - S.G. Silver Spring, Maryland 

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