Workshops/Group Training

Experiential workshops allow participants to explore their unique spiritual paths. Working in small groups, participants explore their unique spiritual journeys through several classroom exercises. The exercises help participants see their past anew, then define their present spiritual strengths and values. Once we've seen where we’ve been and defined where we are, we'll have an opportunity to determine who each wants to be. These workshops will help you define, at the core of your being, the things that matter to you the most.  Using the results of the spiritual exploration, participants create an aspirational mission statement for their future.


Because discussing spiritual values can be sensitive, each workshop begins with the essentials of how to listen respectfully to someone with whom you disagree, and ask clarifying questions rather than expressing your opinion. These workshops are, after all, a way for each individual to gain clarity on their personal spiritual beliefs, rather than trying to change anyone else's personal beliefs. 


Depending on the time allotted for the workshop and the needs of the group, discussion and exercises in forgiveness or gratitude can be added as a complement to the spiritual exploration. 


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Couple a workshop with consulting for the leadership team

Churches, spiritually based nonprofits, and other spiritually based organizations have challenges that are unlike secular institutions. In addition to the "normal" requirements for strategic development (values, vision, and mission), often these groups have values that are presumed to be coming from a sacred place. Adding this sacred element can sometimes exacerbate tension in the strategic planning process. Leadership may conflate individual values with corporate values. We can help sort that out by providing consulting services to work through individual values of the leadership team at the same time as the perceived values of the organization as a whole. Do this prior to hosting a workshop for the larger group and the results will be amplified!

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